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Tuesday, 25 October 2011


I miss him!!!, but I really hate this feelings!
when I miss someone. I will always keep thinking of him.,
what he doing?, that he in this feeling also or not?, did I act to much in this new friendship?, and
I was text him last night., but he didn't reply on that time., maybe he's working last night.,
the funny thing is... I think he reply my message by using template in the phone..!!!,
what the lazy fingers that he has..hahaaa.,he ask me to call him., but I'm sleeping on that time..
until now I'm not calling him..I'm waiting for him call me and message me!!!
seriously...I miss him, I miss to hear his voice, talk with him, share any story with him,
he just makes me comfortable while talking together..I hope for this time I will not lost him..