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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

my watch !!!!

I love to collecting watch...
but I know that I love to have a branded watch...
and I know I can't be able to buy a branded watch...
I'm still student I have to control my money...
but my watch makes a problem this morning
maybe because yesterday it fall from my cupboard
or maybe it wants me to buy a new watch....hehehee

I know that I'm not enough clever

I feel I will disappointed my friends if I not trying to do it..
but when I try to think about it..I will so afraid if I can't generate any ideas on it
Allah..please help me..I want finish all this..
please give me enough smart to complete all this work.

I begging on You Allah.

2 more assignments

what I aim to do dis night is.... :
complete report EC question no.8
take a look of my algebra assignment
print note calculus for tomorrow
maybe chat with him...
ya !! chat with him., as usual

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

counting a days...

a few days more is my birthday..
I was make a promise with him to hang out together on that day..
I hope that will be realizes...
I just confuse isn't he single or what????
I hope something really sweet will happen on that day..
...My Sweet 20th... =))))))

I'm just afraid

I afraid if one day you will leave me again...
I noticed that you're the only one that understand me...
I know I can't aspect anything from you...
please heart don't put any hope on him...
just let it go..time will decide that...
pray for that, pray for your happiness...
InsyaAllah..God know better than u.,

Monday, 28 November 2011

he's nice guy...

after I break with him...
I just make a dicision to lost contact with him...
and it work !! I was took a long time to accept all this...
on that time, he makes a new relationship with others girl and he using that picture as default picture on fb...
I was accept it., surprisely I'm not cry on that really show that I can adapt with that situation...
but now..everything was changed.. I close back with him... I feel happy for that..I just worry if this will not for a long time...where he's gf???.,why he keeps looking for me???.,I just feel that our relationship is better right know than before..Mayus..I'm happy you're back into my just came when I wanted to know 'a guy'.,it just like you dont want me to know about that guy...TQ Mayus because you just came on the right time...I really hope this will be a good ending for us..Amen.,

Thursday, 24 November 2011

I just want to hang out tonight !!

I juat want to go far from this house for a while..

I want to take a walk for get rest of my mind..
just a minutes ago..Lia was invites me, Ikah and Elli to join her watching a movie..
we all excited for that..especially me..because I was thinking that I want to meet my adopt family..
I miss them so much...there all go for watching and I will hang out with my family...but..................
everything not happen this night...I still in room doing my work...but my heart and brain are not with me...
someone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ,,,, please... please... understand me ='(

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

counting a days . . .

a day for me going home
a day for week 12th
a day for me calling him
a day for me get sleep well
a day for me go to kYa hause
a day for me facing my final exam
a day for everything, anything that we couldn't aspect something will happen
a day for me to realizes that I'm going to reach my real 20th, to be an adult and more responsible with averything surroundings me...

Sunday, 20 November 2011


after 1 p.m on monday morning...

on the day we have to submit that work..
we have done our algebra assignment...

my group had a problem with dayah !!
she never gave her comitment on this assignment..
she's so lucky.,she just put her name on our assignment..
without any idea or help or anything from her !!
I'm just fed up with her !!
after this I will not choose her for any group assignment
attention to all girls that know about this story.

algebra !!!!

please help us !!!!
due date is tomorrow but we still can't find the answer..
if we still in this condition 12 marks will be lost in our carrymarks..
please Allah help us..I'm begging on you..
I'm just feel guilty to muna..g0od luck muna i know you can do it.

Friday, 18 November 2011

help me !!

I'm not ok...
I need to talk with someone..
I'm just feel lonely right know..
I'm not in a good mood..
I target 2 assignments that have  to done by today...
but I have no spirit for that..
I have to encourage myself right know..
nobody will help me right know unless myself..

menu for today...


I and Muna just think something for our menu...
we just decide to make a cake or maybe a pudding that a basic ingredient is bread..
I notice that I have not enough money for another 2 months..
but.,when my friends invite to cook's hard for me to say 'no' or not join them..
I love's a good experience for me and also my friends..

for him...please don't do this to me..
I just want to talk with you..
I just want spend my time with you..
I begging on you.,please don't give back the sim card..
I bought it for you..for us..I hope you understand that..

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

u got to go..go..go.go..

hey babe and dude...
I'm in good mood today and I like to share something with you all..

did you ever heard a song got to go by najwa...??
it's a best song babe !! I like the soul in that song..really makes me relax and enjoy..
lyrics are best arrangement is so cool...
just hear this babe dude !!

please click on that url...TQ

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

still sulk...=(((((

when we likes a person for no reasons..
I like him.,I try to accept him as he are..
if I want a rich person,  good looking, same degree as me, near from me,...

I will not stalker him, I will not try to attract his attention, I will not get his phone number..
I know I'm not in your can detect what my heart said about you..

and I was asking you in the beginning of our friendship if you wanted to reject me...
but you wasn't said that..that mean you accept me as I am..
I hope you will change to be a better person in any aspect in your life.. 
I really hope that I can see and feel that you need me and I really need you..

this night

I was studied algebra just know with elli and lia and muna..
I'm glad because I have a friends like them..

they help me a lot..
I hope this relationship will be a long relationship..

I'm sulk right know...
I just wants his attention...
but I know it just wasting my time...
it just because I really miss him., love him...

what the hell on fb...

honestly...I like to open my facebook account..
it just happen just know...
a damn picture was updated into my friends home under ny name !!!!
it just annoying...I'm so embarrassed.,
why that could happen to me...
I was comment on that picture asking that picture edit or real...

I just feeled pity to that girl because maybe she was prey on that picture..
and I not aspect that picture will update with my name..

to my beloved friends out there..
please be careful, I dont want a same thing will happen to you..

Friday, 11 November 2011

why !!??

I do know why I admire u..
I do know why I like u..
I do know why I still keep waiting of you..
I do know why this could happen to me..
I'm just too tired with all this..
I just want a happiness, a love from you
please..don't makes me disspoint of you..
I'm begging on you...

Monday, 7 November 2011

phone number...

I already had celcom and maxis..
and know I looking for digi numbers..
for me and my bf..
I just think that is good investment for me???
this is my new relationship and I really wants take it as serious relationship..
I was reset my handphone and I lost rm3 for my credit !!!
what a ______ ????!!!!!!!
it's all about money !!!!
huh!!!! tomorrow..I will find digi numbers hopefully everything will easy for me..
and know..I want to continue my works..daa~~~~

Sunday, 6 November 2011

..salam aidiladha..

the best thing today is...
I got a misscall from him !!!!...heheeee
at just gives my smile back for a while..
at least I know that he remember me..
and I was text him..but he didn't reply yet...

and I still keep waiting for that..

oh guy,,please understand me..huhuuu...

I hope I will get a call from him tonight..

I miss him, miss to laugh with him, fight with him, hear his voice..

and.......I also miss shopping but I don't have enough money for that..

nobody volunteer for sponsor my shopping..huhuhuuuu
today at my village at Nilai.,we just celebrate a birthday of 3 persons..
I just drove for many times...wearing a nice baju kurung..
a lot of foods and most important thing is we always try to..
strengthen the relationship between relative..
pictures for today at my fb.. =)))))

Wednesday, 2 November 2011


I'm still thinking what I will share for this second
a lot of things happen to me 
about my relationship..
my assignment..
my housemates..
my mid test..
my reunion date..
journey of interview..
trip for going home for raya haji..
I will not give with all this
I just need someone that will encourage me for my successful life
a person that can listen and respon with all my story, complaint, make me laugh and smile..
I'm too tired with all this
but I noticed that there's no easy way to be a successful person..
I will pray for our relationship
I hope you will be a better man
call me, text me coz I'm waitng for that..