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Saturday, 8 October 2011

picnic & problem...?????????

assalamualaikum to all the readers...
(there are readers here????...heee)
last week i went to sg. samak with ikah n elli...

and this week i go with ikah, lia n faz...
i really enjoy with you all..there are not many people on that time..
just 4 of us.,so....we can free hair!!!!,heeee
we go at 10 o'clock and back home on 12.10 o'clock..
2 hours we spent our time take a bath..hahahahaa
the water are so cold, a lot of stone, and maybe a mosquito also...huhuuuu
what the important is...i can forgot about my problem for a while...
i want to stop thinking about that...but, i know i'm not strong enough yet..
i need someone to listen about my story about my feelings about my opinion.,
TQ elli because you understand can spent your time in any situation to me..Tq dear..
i'm person that full of love and also a sensitive girl...mybe because i was learned from my mistakes..
when i love someone..i wanted your comitment in a serious relationsip...but it just a hope..i know who i am..
just be patient...God knows about that...follow your heart but not emotions...don't forget to pray, pray n pray...focus on what you're doing...I'Allah...happiness will be yours...